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Home School Program

SCA’s mission is to assist families in the training and education of Godly children who will be able to confidently live out God’s purposes for their lives. This program is designed to offer the opportunity for homeschool families to send their children to SCA for select classes.  The Board of SCA is enthusiastic about the potential for this program to open up more educational opportunities to the Sister’s community.

Guidelines and Fees

Homeschool student participation in SCA’s classes is on a space available basis in keeping with our class size limits.  Admittance is determined by the Principal after the standard application process and interview. Participating students may attend SCA’s weekly chapel services for no extra fee.

Student’s attendance will be handled the same as a full-time student.  Absences should be reported to the school office.  Students must sign-in and sign-out with the school office upon arrival and departure from the school.  Only a parent/guardian or other approved adult may pick up students.

Students will be expected to follow all other guidelines and policies as outlined in SCA’s Parent/Student Handbook, including dress code, homework, grading, tardiness, discipline, conflict resolution and student honesty policies. SCA reserves the right to discontinue this program or a student’s participation in the program at any time at the discrimination of the Principal.

Classes Available to Middle School Students (Grades 6-8)

Math, Science, English, History, 8th Grade Logic, Bible, Science Lab, Technology. All classes are subject to change year to year. 


Classes Available to Elementary Students (Grades K-5)

 P.E., Science Lab, and Music only.  All elementary classes must be approved by the Principal.

Application Fee: $25 per student.

Registration Fee:  Waived, unless student wants to participate in SAT testing ($150).

Curriculum and Materials Fee: $50 per class or less depending on the class (payable in advance and non-refundable once class starts).

Tuition Fee:  The monthly charge is based on how many times the class (about 40 minutes) meets per week.

1 time/week = $60; 2 times/week = $120; 3 times/week = $180;

4 times/week = $240; 5 times/week = $300

(Payments are payable in advance and due on the 25th of the preceding month.   We do not pro-rate for days off, vacation, holidays, etc.)

Classroom teachers are only available for homeschool consultations after 3:00 pm for a fee of $25 per hour payable in the office before the scheduled conference.