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A Tradition of Excellence

            For more than twenty years, Sisters Christian Academy has been partnering with parents to provide an excellent education with a Biblical worldview integrated throughout the curriculum.  Children are taught in a safe and loving environment by Christian teachers who are well prepared both academically and spiritually to meet the unique needs of each child.  Our past students have been the recipients of numerous academic awards, community service awards, and military commendations.

A Strong Foundation

            Offering children a high academic standard to reach for, and then empowering them to reach their goals, is the norm here.  We use a variety of both traditional instruction, incorporation of technology, and hands-on experimentation to inspire our students to enrich their curiosity, develop diligence and other deep character qualities, and gain the academic and life skills they need to succeed.

A Biblical Worldview

            Every day students are given the opportunity to pray, learn from the Bible, and worship together.  As we teach children how to thoughtfully view the world around them through a Biblical lens, they develop tools for thriving in all areas of life - tools like interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution, ethical decision making, and living a life of integrity.  Most important of all, our students are encouraged and supported as they develop a life-long relationship with Jesus.