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Dear Parent,

At Sister’s Christian we believe the early years of a child’s education lay the foundation for what will be possible for them in the future. Children’s brains and hearts are at their most impressionable while they are young. Their brains are eager for an intellectual challenge, and their hearts long to be filled with love and encouragement.

Our children are being shaped during all their waking hours – through the messages they hear, the people they encounter, and the actions they observe. We believe we have an obligation to offer an affordable Christian education that points children toward the good, the true and the beautiful so they can become all God created them to be.

Sisters Christian Academy family consists of many different people from different backgrounds and denominations who share a love for God and a love for His people. We join together around the hope of providing the very best education for our students where knowing God and His heart is woven through all areas of the curriculum.

We are a growing school that is leaning into the mission God has given us: to prepare students for success in life, faith and community impact.

If you are looking for a school that will give your child a vision of success and significance that goes beyond basic test scores, we would love to meet you. We hope you will prayerfully consider joining us in this great calling – loving and leading one child at a time to become all that God meant for them to be.

Please call (541) 549-4133 or email to schedule a visit to Sisters Christian campus at 1307 W. McKinney Butte Rd., Sisters, OR  97759.



Robby Gilliam