Home School Program

Home School Program


Sisters Christian Academy is the vision of a group of parents who valued consistent Christian education and recognized that training must begin in the home, continue in the church, and be reinforced in the school.  The Home School Program is designed to offer select classes to home school families.


This program is available to 4th – 8th graders. Home school student participation in SCA’s classes is on a space-available basis in keeping with our class size limits.  Admittance is determined by the Principal after the standard application process and interview.

Classes may include: Math, Science, English, History (including one historical impersonation), 8th Grade Logic, Bible, Drama, Music Appreciation, Art, Physical Education, and 4th – 7th Grade Latin. Participating students and parents may attend weekly chapels for no extra fee.

Interim Week for middle school students is a week of special classes usually held in late January.  This week may be attended by interested homeschoolers regardless of other classes attended.  Please inquire regarding elective details and pricing.

Students are expected to follow all other guidelines and policies outlined in Sisters Christian Academy’s Parent-Student Handbook, including attendance, dress code, homework, grading, tardiness, discipline, conflict resolution and student honesty policies.

Please contact the office for a list of fees and tuition costs.